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Temecula tournaments

"A group of Sun City Anthem friends, playing golf for the love of the game"

Annual Temecula Outings

Membership Requirements

  • ​​​​​To monitor members total games played during the year.  Left click on the image above.  Any questions can be directed to Bill Edwards

​Titans of Revere

To see past tournaments in Temecula, Ca.  Left click on the image above.  Questions can be directed to Temecula Tournament Chairman, Dennis Botch at

1.. Must be a Sun City Anthem Resident

2.. Must have a current Nevada recognized USGA    handicap index from the Revere Men's Golf Club

3.. Expected to play 12 Titans Golf Tournaments a year in Titans Uniform

4.. Must pay all required Titans fees

Left click on the image above to get the weather